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Some Background about Reitred Greyhounds
The greyhounds we place are generally retired, trained athletes. Although we may very infrequently have greyhound puppies or dogs that have never been trained for the track, these are much more the exception than the rule.

Greyhounds are generally bred by professional breeders who look for speed, endurance and even temperament. Most are bred on "farms", usually in the Mid-West, where the breeders pay close attention to the physical soundness and emotional disposition of the puppies. As a result, hereditary physical and temperament problems have been largely avoided in the breed. For the first year of their lives greyhound puppies are handled frequently by walkers and others associated with the breeding "farm", but they are not exposed to other breeds of dogs. Consequently, they are surprisingly socialized to people and completely unfamiliar with other breeds of dog. Sometime between four and eighteen months, they generally are placed in individual crates where they spend most of their time between exercise periods and training. The crate becomes the dog's private, safe space where they cannot be bothered by other dogs. Generally, greyhounds are not abused or mistreated, although their handling is straight forward and utilitarian. They do not get anything in the way of attention or handling that is not needed as a part of their training for the track.

Official Greyhound Color Chart
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