Featured Dogs
Grateful Greyhounds is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization dedicated to educating the public on ex-racing greyhounds, all sighthounds including Spanish galgos and podencos, and to promote the adoption of these dogs as pets.

We help greyhounds find homes in New York City, Long Island and parts of New Jersey.

    Ready for Adoption
Atascocita Hackr Braska Peter Burning Red Yamila        
Vince Donata Evita Fernando        
Iquos Kurk Nelson Pastel        
Puppy 1 Puppy 2 Rosetta Tapon        
Recently Adopted Greys
Atascocita Adley Atascocita Biker Twpa Perry Atascocita Lasso        
Atascocita Margy Atascocita Riva Atascocita Talk Braska Libre        
Braska Mai Tai Braska Martha Killer Lynx Take It In Stride        
CBJ Fly Missy CBJ Petro Easi Barry Gilead        
Go Lucky Red GP Jaguar        
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