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Be an Ambassador!
As a Greyhound owner, you have the opportunity to be a "public relations" representative for all Greyhounds!

These dogs attract a lot of attention. I'm sure everyone has been approached at one time or another while out walking your dog by a neighbor or stranger asking questions about your Greyhound. Become knowledgeable about Greyhounds and help spread the word about them. Use these opportunities to hand out a business card or brochure from Grateful Greyhounds, Inc. Even if you are away from home, pass out our brochure to anyone interested in adopting a Greyhound. We can refer them to a local adoption organization if they are out of our immediate adoption area.

If you happen to have a picture of your Greyhound on your desk at work, keep a few business cards or brochures handy to distribute to anyone who stops to chat with you about your Greyhound. You also might discover that other co-workers have Greyhounds, too.

Take your Greyhound with you wherever you go whenever possible. The more often they are seen, the more interest you can generate.

Most people who have never been in the company of a real live Greyhound comment on how well behaved, gentle, and quiet they are. This will certainly dispel the misperception that Greyhounds are hyper and excitable. It also gives the public an opportunity to see firsthand what wonderful loving pets they are.
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