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Flea Control Alert
A number of you have expressed concern because of the huge amount of fleas inhabiting your yards and infesting your Greys this year. Because the Greys are so very sensitive to so many over the counter products, and even prescription remedies such as FRONTLINE, which has caused seizures in many Greys, we recommend that you use "ORIGINAL BLUE DAWN DISH DETERGENT" for the immediate control of fleas on your Greyhound. DAWN is 100% safe for the dog and it kills fleas on contact. You can bathe your Greyhound as often as necessary, without fear of harming the dog in any way. Simply use "DAWN" like a regular shampoo and watch the fleas die on contact!! Many users report that DAWN works even when the most popular flea shampoos fail!

Adams flea spray is also safe for Greyhounds
Repel Fleas the Safe, Natural way!
2 Cups White Vinegar
1 Cup Avon Skin So Soft
1 Cup Water
1 TBS Eucalyptus Oil

Mix Together in air tight storage container (Shake well prior to use)

Keep a spray bottle full handy and spritz the doggies before they go outside.
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